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Growing up in a family deeply immersed in the real estate industry, I gained extensive knowledge of the field even before obtaining my license. My father was a home builder, my mother worked as a real estate accountant, my brother was a realtor, and my sister owned a large landscaping and excavation contracting business. Despite knowing this 'family field' was deep in my bones, I spent several years dedicated to educating children and nurturing young minds! Amid this career path, I believed I was building, I was presented with the opportunity to serve as the Executive Assistant to Sano Stante, the (former) President of the Real Estate Board. This experience provided me with invaluable insights and knowledge that deepened my understanding and ignited a new passion for the real estate industry. 

Following my time with Sano Stante, I transitioned into property and condo management, leading me to become VP of a Condo Division over 12 years, my journey into property and condo management has been marked by a transformative evolution culminating in my role as Vice President of a Condo Division specializing in elevating the management of condominium buildings to a commercial standard. My extensive expertise in building envelopes, HVAC & Equipment, engineering, and financial requirements & education, has been honed through years of hands-on experience and dedicated learning. Throughout my tenure, I have spearheaded initiatives that have rescued over 20 condos from the brink of financial turmoil, sparing them from special assessments or audit complications. By providing coaching and guidance to condo boards on effective budgeting and long-term planning strategies, I've facilitated sustainable financial health for these communities. Moreover, my interventions have included innovative solutions to complex problems, such as resolving underground utility issues and implementing above-ground boiler rooms in aging buildings. Additionally, my involvement in navigating class action lawsuits has yielded favorable outcomes for both the board and owners, ensuring their interests are protected and served. My commitment to delivering top-tier care to condos spans across Calgary, Canmore, and Banff, where I've continuously strived to uphold the highest standards of excellence in property management.

After years of success as Vice President of Condo Division Management, my husband, Tim, who, at the time was an Engineer with Siemens Canada, and I made a pivotal decision to diverge from the conventional path and establish our own brokerage. Our motivation stemmed from a deep-seated belief that the real estate industry was often lacking in crucial support, education, and guidance for clients before, during and after buying or selling their home. With a blend of personal connections and extensive professional experience, we sensed an opportunity to redefine the client-agent relationship.Thus, in May 2021, Westen Elite was born, with a commitment to delivering unparalleled service and expertise to our clients at every stage of their real estate journeys. Our comprehensive approach includes offering Home Warranty for older properties, assisting with renovations and legal suite additions, providing property management services, and even offering home staging and home guardian assistance.

Our aim is simple: to ensure our clients feel fully supported and empowered throughout their real estate endeavors, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and genuine care. Drawing from our backgrounds in family-owned businesses, where client relationships were paramount, we take immense pride in owning a brokerage that prioritizes client satisfaction and personalized service above all else.