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Calgary Real Estate Market Sees Remarkable Growth in Home Prices

Welcome to our update on the Calgary real estate market. In this update, we will discuss the trends in housing in a lively Canadian city.

Stay informed about the Calgary housing market whether you are a buyer, seller, or investor. We offer the latest figures and analyses to keep you informed. Calgary's housing market has grown a lot in the past year, with prices going up for all types of homes.

October witnessed a deceleration in sales activity, in line with the expected seasonal trends. Despite this, there were 2,171 sales in the month.

This represents a significant 17% increase from last year. Additionally, it is one of the highest October sales ever recorded. More people are buying apartment condos because they are cheaper with high-interest rates.

The market had more new listings, reaching 2,684 properties, a record for October not seen since 2015. However, the increase in new listings did not have a significant impact on the number of available properties. The available properties remain 40% lower than the typical amount seen for this time of year.

The current months of supply—standing at one and a half months—continue to exert upward pressure on housing prices. The average home price in October increased to $571,600. This price is higher than the previous month and almost 10% higher than the same month last year. Because of this lack of supply, the Calgary housing market is causing home prices to increase.

Detached Homes Lead the Surge in Calgary House Prices

The average price of detached homes in Calgary has gone up by 10.7% in the past year, reaching $726,000. The increase indicates a high demand for single-family homes in the area. People prefer these homes because they offer ample space and a sense of privacy and independence.

Semi-Detached Homes and Townhouses Experience Notable Price Growth

Semi-detached homes in Calgary have seen a 14.6% jump in average prices from last year, with values now averaging at $615,000. This increase indicates a growing interest in more affordable, yet private housing options.

Townhouses have experienced a significant price increase. On average, there has been a rise of 19.9% year-on-year. As a result, the average price for townhouses now stands at $427,000. Calgary townhouse prices are going up because buyers want affordable homes with enough space.

Condo Apartments in Calgary: A Market Overview

Calgary condo apartment prices rose by 8.2% in the past year, with the average price now at $322,000. This indicates a competitive market for Calgarians looking for a more urban living experience, affordability, and lower maintenance home ownership options.

Calgary Housing Market Trends

Calgary house prices are going up because of high demand in the housing market. Calgary's housing market shows the city's strong economy and draws buyers seeking good homes in a lively urban area.

Analyzing Calgary Home Prices and What It Means for You

If you're new to the market, selling your property in Calgary can make you money because home prices are going up. In this busy market, it's crucial to make wise decisions. Making smart choices in this busy market is important.

Your Guide to Navigating the Calgary House Market

Understanding the Calgary real estate market trends is paramount in making strategic buying or selling decisions. With Calgary house prices continuously evolving, aligning with a knowledgeable real estate professional can offer significant advantages.


Calgary's real estate market is strong, with home prices reflecting the appeal of living in this cosmopolitan city. For those looking to enter the housing market in Calgary, the current stats offer a snapshot of a market characterized by growth and opportunities. Keep an eye on Calgary housing prices and market trends here, where we bring you the latest and most detailed real estate market insights on the real estate market in Calgary

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